Sofia AlmeidaComment


Sofia AlmeidaComment

To get away for two days and break the routines. 

It fills your heart and opens your mind. You don't have to spend very much or go very far. There are so many little villages to discover in Portugal. 

Óbidos is located about 85 km from Lisbon. A closed little village surrounded by a wall with no cars allowed. It is well know for it's chocolate festival.

There are these sweet, sweet little corners, restaurants and terraces where you can savor a drink by the sunset. 

The view from the top of the wall is breathtaking. And a visit to the castle is well worth. 

I did this escape with my love. But that it's a whole different trip that someday I'll find the courage to write it here. In a form of in encouragement for all of those broken hearted that once had tough divorce and that don't believe in second chances. Let it go and they will appear in front of you. 

There's truth in "what will be, will be".