These pictures are from a weekend i went to see this beautiful building - the cruise terminal - with an amazing and total new view (to me) of the city. It made me think about how we see these things on a daily basis and exactly because that fact we don't see the beauty of it all. We only see the bad and the monotonous. I didn't just look at the view and to the immense and beautiful ocean. I looked around to all of those that were there too. The families, the couples, the group of friends. They were all busy with their cameras and iPhones (me included) glimpsing only for seconds to the actual view. And don't ask me why, but made me think about Bréne Brown's TED talk that i already watched a thousand times. These words came to mind: 

All these people want to be SEEN. We want to be heard, noticed. Every selfie, every picture we take and then post, means only one thing - "i am here, i want to be seen." 

On Bréne Brown words: 

We are made for connection, so what stop us? Shame and fear. For true connection, we must let ourselves be seen, have courage to show vulnerability, courage to be imperfect, to be compassionate (with ourselves then to others), courage to show authenticity. Vulnerability is true beauty. It's not comfortable but it is necessary.