Time out..

We all should have it.

I have this post of a couple of days off I took waiting to be posted, but then life happens and you're forced to put everything on hold. And your priorities change and...you're blocked. What really matters in this life?

Making memories with the ones you love. Be present. Show them you love them not only by words but by actions. That's it. Just be there. 

I made memories here by the beach, with my kids. I watched them laugh, I made them laugh, a let them be free from routines and we just..were. We ate a lot of fries too. And ice creams. 

I took me some time to realize that I too deserve some time off and rest. A single mom with two kids, running a business on her own, deserves it. 

I came back to a reality of a family member at the hospital and yes..reality stroke. Life is fragile and wonderful. And so much as been said about it. We tend to philosophize about the meaning of life and purpose and all the whys and so much time searching for answers. I just want to rest my head and just be.

Just let it go and trust life. We are here to love. (period). No whys. 

So I leave with these pictures of absolutely perfect days with my people.