True Colors

True Colors

It's been a while and i missed coming over here. 

One day you wake up and all that you have been burying deep in side comes out to haunt you and crushes over you. Usually for me, it comes with absolutely no warning. I may be driving to pick up the kids from school and all of the sudden i can't breath and my heart almost burst out of chest and i feel that something is very, very wrong with me. Nowadays, most of the times, i can calm myself down. But then it comes the guilt of feeling this way when i have two healthy kids in the back of the car. There should be no problem in this world that could upset me. Right?

I am a mama, but also Sofia. The woman. And i used to forget that. 

I feel completely uninspired in this grey place where everything feels empty of meaning. And since my work is to create it has it's reflections on it. 

I need to focus on myself. Again. I need to check my dream list:

- Find the house of my dreams.

- Travel more. 

- Play the guitar more. 

- Laugh even more. 

- Tickles, ice creams, kisses, movie nights, hugs, long looks, pic-nics, gatherings, museums, mountain climbing, pool dives, adventures, bike riding, books, beach castles, candle light dinners..

So many things to refuel myself. 

Life is beautifully hard, it knocks you down sometimes, that doesn't mean you're less capable or different from anybody else.