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Books are a uniquely portable magic.
— Stephen King

Yesterday was the Wold Book Day. 

I used to read a lot before motherhood. And after so many years of mothering and working and taking care of others and lot of other "ings" that consume my time and mental availability, i am finally at a stage in my life where i can make a few minutes a day to catch up some reading. I love reading biographies, or a good cativating book that makes me travel to others places. But especially reading about different experiences and lives totally different from mine. 

I found this book in my parent's garage, it's from the Brazilian writer - Paulo Coelho. He wrote a book that marked me in my teens- "By the River Piedra i set down and wept". It was given to me by a very special friend, who i don't see for many years and i regret it. It's one of those "what if" relationships. 

Anyway.. in this other book called "Like the flowing river" i found a chapter called  - Manual to climb a mountain - it kind of relates to the previous post coincidentally and of course is a metaphor for life and i would like to share it. Here's a resume by my own words: 

Pick your mountain - Don't let yourself be influenced by what others may say - go that way, it's easier or pick that other mountain, it's prettier. It's your climbing. Your pick. 

Know how to get there - The mountain may look pretty by far but once you're in front of it you will find all these obstacles. What may appear easy on the map may be hard in real life. Overcome them.  

Learn from who already climbed it - Your path is unique, but there is always something to learn from others. Their mistakes or their achievements.

Dangers - Now how to deal with cracks or storms that may appear in your way. 

Enjoy the scenery - Of course your goal is to reach the top but please enjoy the ride. 

Listen to your body and your soul -  Don't push yourself to hard. Respect yourself and your rhythm. 

Be willing to walk that extra mile - The walk is always longer than what you expected. Keep in mind you are capable to make that extra mile. 

Celebrate when you arrive - Cry, laugh, scream, open your eyes and clean your heart. You. Did. It. 

Make a promise - You've reach the top of this mountain. Congratulations. Promise yourself you will find another mountain, and go for another adventure. 

Now.. tell your story - Share your story with the world. Tell everybody that it can be done and others will feel inspired and with courage to climb their own mountain. 

X, Sofia