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First Post

Sofia AlmeidaComment
First Post
To see the world, things dangerous to come, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.

Hi, I'm Sofia.

So here i am and this is the first post. This quote from the "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" movie seemed a perfect way to start. And a connection to the Blog's name. Yes, it's a movie that speaks very dearly to me. Yes, i could be Walter Mitty. I too remember when i was a child, and i was day dreaming i suppose, because when i turned my head there was this group of kids making fun of me. Apparently they were calling me and talking to me, and i was just in my little world. I too dream of adventures and all these things i would love to do and experience. I lived some adventures already but there's so, so much more i want and dream. Maybe i could share them here.  

This is my second attempt to have a blog and i've been struggling for some time if i should do it and why. The answers always came back to me as "yes" and because i want to collect all things i find beautiful in a beautiful place. And this is it. I have absolutely no skill at writing. I mean really. None. But what matters is the connection. Maybe, just maybe, i write something one day that will help someone that particular moment. That person needed to know she's not alone, as it happens so often with me, and that's enough reason to be here. 

I will put bits and pieces of me in here. There's a possibility i will write a lot about my kids, my perspective as woman, and about my battle with extreme anxiety. There will be days that writing in here will be some kind of catharsis. I'm sure of it. 

So to introduce myself i thought i would do a hard thing: Say 10 things about me. Don't know how it will turn out but let's give it a go. 

1 - So let's see.. i'm a movie geek, as you can tell from my introduction. 

2 - I don't drink. Except a red wine from time to time. (rarely)

3 - I did the route 66 (part of it) and i loved it. Wish I could go back to enjoy it more.

4 - My favorite travel so far has been Italy and San Francisco. But i miss my South of France childhood holidays. Miss it badly.  

5 - I. Can't. Say. No. To chocolate. 

6 - My first heartbreak was when my dog died when i was little. His name was Suzuki. I have a cat now. His name is Oliver and destroys my couch every single day. 

7 - I used to paint in my fresh years of college. Then i became a mother and time became an illusion. 

8 - Only 3 left.. so let's see, there are times where i can't even fry an egg, and others when i cook the most complicated thing.

9 - I cry very easily. But i can also laugh in the most inappropriate moments. Like in funerals. It's the worst.

10 - I am a self-taught in some many things, like photography, playing guitar, in running a business, in all things i put my mind to it. This means hard work. 

11 -  This is an 11 but an important one. I am mother of two wonderful boys. Blessed with my family. 

Uff.. that was hard. Thinking about myself isn't my favorite. I'm sure a lot of other stuff about me will surface along this blog. 

So i hope you can come back. And would love to hear from you too. This is our ride. Let's enjoy it and share it. After all and as the movie says - It's what life's all about.