Sofia AlmeidaComment


Sofia AlmeidaComment

Do you remember this book called "The secret" that came out a few years ago? It got everybody talking about it. Basically it's talks about the power of attraction. What you feel you attract. What you think you attract and that those two things are connected. Meaning if you're feeling good, you will  have good thoughts therefore you will attract good things. It's also says that you can have the life you want by attracting it. They say it's an exact science. Impossible to fail.

I know people completely skeptical about this. Mostly are people that have been through a lot in life so don't they believe that just by the power of thinking anything's going to change. In the other hand, i know people that won very tough battles in their life just by, not only believing, but KNOWING they would survive. 

This most famous sentence in the world - "Ask and you shall receive".  

Great thinkers. scientists, spiritual leaders, world leaders, they all use the same language in their speeches - "Believe it and it's yours", "Fake it till you make it", "What you believe you become" "What you imagine you create" and surely you remember the "Yes, we can". 

I've read a lot about positive thinking and positive psychology and i know it's power. That doesn't mean you have to do i all the time. It's impossible. We break sometimes. It's normal. But we should put our efforts to use it. 

I was feeling down this particular day when i found the book in my parent's garage (where all my long lost treasures are). I opened it randomly. Opened it exactly in one page that talked about something i've been obsessed lately. Coincidence or karma?

One of these days, i left a needle fall between a crack in the couch. It needed a tweezer to take it out. With the tweezers in hand and even before the try i kept thinking "this is impossible". Very gently and slowly i tried to grab this tiny needle and i failed endlessness times. On my last attempt i changed my mindset - "this is it. I'm going to take the needle" I visualize it. Guess what?

It may be a silly simple example but.. makes you think, right? We know how important it is what's going on with our thoughts when dealing with illness for example. It can be the difference between winning or losing. 

Now, do we always control our thinking? Absolutely not. 

As i write this, i sit in a nearby neighborhood that has this beautiful little houses and small gardens. An old man is happily and slowly caring for his garden. I can see the kitchen from where i stand and love the light that's coming in. So if i think it, believe it (know it) visualize it.. maybe one day we will have the home of our dreams.

Do you know what high competition athletes are doing just before they perform? When the camera does that close up and they have that look so focus that nothing seems to disturb them? They are visualizing it. That soccer goal, that race, that jump.. that medal. 

Well, that's the face i'm doing right now looking at theses little houses. I already know the rug color of that entry. 

X, Sofia. 

What you think you become,
What you feel you attract,
what you imagine you create.
— Buddha