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Mountain Life

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Mountain Life

There are far better things ahead than the ones we leave behind. 


C.S. Lewis

It's been a long time since I came here. Too long. Life is ok. It goes on. Some good things happened. Some bad things too. And I just described life.  
And I've been craving this exact moment - me writing wrapped in my 30-year-old baby blanket, and my quiet time. Just to stop and rearrange my thoughts and especially my intentions. 

Life can get so messy. Even when everything goes well. It's just too much, sometimes. Too much of things we can't control. 
Even when we give our best there are always things left out. And easily and very quickly, we feel overwhelmed. That's my case right now. And also.. Autumn is always too hard for me and my body. I hear everybody saying Autumn is their favorite season, and the colors, and the light and so on and so on. Well for me it's hair loss, feeling blue and a lack of energy. Every time. But yes, beautiful colors though.
Anyway, this season I want to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time. Decluttering. And live a simpler, cleaner life. And a more organized one, so I don't feel so overwhelmed. 
From all my reading here's a list that I compiled of things to do when I get like this: 

* things that inspire me. 

* things that make me happy. 

* a list of things that I'm grateful.

* a meal planning for the week. (I was skeptical about this but it works magic!!)

* a do to list - out of the head and into the paper (computer)

* a list of your bills and due dates. 

* a list of things you would like to change in your house. Love it!

* a list of things that are stressing you out. 

Organization and decluttering (your house, your work place and your mind) is the best thing a anxious person can do. 

These pictures were taken in the Summer. In the mountain. Where we can actually touch the colors, the silence, the air. I have the best memories from this day and I hope we'll make much, much more. I'll post them here every time I can. And these images make me feel that, really, life has just begun and that there is always far better things ahead than the ones we leave behind. And that there is always a reason why we can't see the top of the mountain when we are at the valley.  


X, Sofia